Thursday, August 27, 2009

DST birthday gifts...

"HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! The designers in the digital community wish to make your day extra special so they've got a TON of fabulous gifts for you! Have a wonderful day and happy shopping!!"

This was the beginning of my birthday email I received from DST (Digi Shop Talk). So I went shopping and bought myself a couple of birthday gifts...

A free template from Wendyzine Scraps at Scrapbook Graphics

Two kits at 70% off from Kari Hentzelt at Scrapbook-Bytes
So make sure you enter your birthday in your profile over at DST!
Have a happy day!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

We all matter...

I love Penelope's post from yesterday. We all need to hear this...check her blog post out HERE

I matter, you matter, we all matter and we have wonderful stories to tell through our scrapbooking.

Have a happy day!

Some photos I love

I lost my blog header yesterday. As I was looking through my hard drive for the original file, I found a folder of these pictures I had taken a while ago. I just loved these photos but I don't remember why I have them in a folder all by themselves.  Unfortunately, I think my blog header is gone forever. One day I'll re-create another one. Meanwhile I hope you enjoy the photos that bring me enjoyment!

The view from my friends deck

Ocean view at Bodega Bay


Some flowers from my yard




Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dymo Label Freebie

Dymo Label Alpha *Freebie*
Click HERE to download the file

Recipes for Scrapbook Success

I noticed that when my daughter was home this summer, she tended to like the paper scrapbook pages versus the digital scrapbook pages. I've never been much of a paper scrapper. The best pages I have were done at crops where I had input from more experienced scrappers. I decided I wanted to improve my paper scrapping so I am taking May Flaum's Recipes for Scrapbook Success class over at Big Picture Scrapbooking. I've done three "paper" layouts so far. I have to say that I think I am a better digital scrapper than paper scrapper.
This is a sample of journaling on journal cards. The layout was a make and take from the Sacramento Scrapbook Expo. 

This is a  sample of paper strips in the middle.

This is a sample of journaling on drawn lines. 

The first week of class was about photo arrangement. 
The second week of class was about paper arrangement.
The third week of class was about journaling.
And the fourth week of class will be about ??? maybe embellishment placement? 
I am sort of excited to get back into scrapping. I have many projects from Scrapbook Expos that I have never finished. I am now motivated to pull them out and get 'em done!

I haven't given up digi scrapping though. I am keeping current with my scrap last month layouts. I really like the format I am using this year. I will post some layouts in a few days.

I am also working on a special anniversary project. I am doing a page for every year we have been married. Which will be 32 years this December. I am working backwards because it was easier to start with my digital photos and I have calendars going back to 1991. I have complete 2008 - 1990 so far. The bad news is that my calendars are gone so I have to rely on photos to remind me of what happened that year. The good news is I keep getting younger with each layout:) I am posting my layouts at Scrapbook Graphics for their 2009 Photo Book Challenge. Here is my gallery if you want to take a peek.

Where's my header

I was playing around and adding a blog list and then rearranging some things and now my header is gone!!!!!

Yikes, I set the blog up so long ago, I don't even remember how the header got there in the first place!

Be back later...

I'm back....
So I totally changed the template but that doesn't help. I edited the header and added the quote. The quote shows up by the blog title "Canay's Corner" doesn't show up.

I posted a question in the forums.

tada...I went to customize and clicked on Revert widget templates to default. At least now my title appears. I don't know what happened to my custom header but that is ok. I sort of like the lefty template and I will just stay with the generic template for now.