Saturday, May 19, 2007

Wheresoever you go...

I discovered a new blog called One Little Word. It looks like a fun blog with word challenges and tips for scrapping. The first word challenge is the word "Go". This is layout I did using a quote from Confucius. Emily is graduating from High School and heading to the University of Washington. I thought this quote was perfect to create an 8x10 layout that I will frame and give to her as a gift. Credits for the papers and elements cand be found Here.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

SNL 26 Graduation

These are the things I made to contribute to this month's SNL at Digital Scrapbooking Place (DSP).

National Scrapbook Day

National scrapbook day shared its day with Cinco de Mayo on Saturday, May 5th. I didn't pull an all nighter this year but I checked out the happenings at Creating Keepsakes, a couple of chats at Digital Scrapbook Place, and I found all the butterflies at Jen Wilson Designs so I got her cool kit. I also used the day to start organizing my *paper* scrap booking supplies. In honor of Cinco de Mayo we ordered take out from El Guadalajara. DH and I shared Chille Rellenos and Carnitas and DS had his traditional Carnitas Chimichanga. All in all it was a delightful National Scrapbook Day!

I did get one layout done. Ali Edwards first challenge at CK was to take five minutes and take photos of everyday beautiful things. I ran around taking photos and quickly uploaded them into the computer. Later that evening I posted the same layout for DSP's multiple photo layout. Credits can be seen at DSP or at Jen Wilson's site. The layout is also posted at CK since that is the site Ali was hosting her challenge at.

Reality #15

I sort of cheated for Reality #15

I did this layout last November for Jen Wilson's Meaning contest. But, My Sanctuary was just perfect for this weeks reality so I decided to let it serve double duty! Credits can be seen at Jen's site or at SBB.

So here is my challenge for you this week. Now it does sort of go a bit beyond our everyday reality......but it was something that spoke to me this week. So I challenge you to show me your SAFE place. A place where you feel comfort, maybe rejuvenated, or just helps you refocus. It can be your bedroom, the corner of your basement with your scrap stuff, a chair on your patio, or a even just a spot on a bench under the tree in a park. A place where you feel peace, where your ideas can flow and where you can just be you!!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Reality #14

Thankfully I had this nice little victory just in time for our Reality Challenge for week 14. Credits can be seen Here.

Here is what the challenge is for this week......scrap a little "victory" moment. Doesn't have to be winning $1,000 or losing 50 lbs.....I'm thinking about something little (but still quite important!!) that happened this week that gives you a sense of winning!! It could be going to the gym today, picking the Lean Cuisine instead of the Pizza Hut for dinner last night, a conversation with your spouse/child where you feel that you made your point well and they listened, held back on buying those sweet sandals at Target as you have 10 perfectly fine pair at home.....etc.