Wednesday, March 31, 2010

LOM Clipboards


Here is a photo of my Library of Memories (LOM) Clipboard. I made the large one last year to hold my LOM assignments. I made the small one this year and it holds my Digital Work Flow for LOM.

Digital_Work_Flow-for_LOMThis is the checklist I am using for my Digital Work Flow for LOM. I’ve tested it a couple of times and it seemed to work. Yesterday I tried to test it on some recent pictures and it failed in the second step. Although I’ve been dragging and dropping my new pictures to a DVD RW with no problem, suddenly Windows 7 doesn’t want to do it anymore. First claiming that I was out of space (I had a couple of gigabytes left), then claiming that the DVD was bad. So possibly the RW DVD is a bad idea. My daughter says I should have bought a MAC and I’m starting to realize that my daughter is smart! I sort of threw my hands up and haven’t proceeded with the steps on my latest photos.

The other thing I’m working on in Library of Memories are my category drawers. I finally gave in and am in the process of taking out my non acid free Mead dividers and putting in my acid free dividers that I bought from Archival Methods. A time consuming step but one I will be happy with in fifty years when my pictures have not been ruined. Of course I won’t be around then and not sure which of my descendents will care. But I am doing the right thing. Right???


Here is my People we love category drawer. Note the red dividers are for the main categories and they match my red album which matches the red ribbon on the handle. I am starting to love color…thank you Stacy Julian!

I had a lot more pictures of category drawers to share but the SD card was not in the camera when I took the pictures so…lesson learned!

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