Saturday, July 14, 2007

Recipe Card Template #3

Credits for the Crockpot Recipe card:
Shabby Princess and Sara C. Dinner Party Kit
Fonts are: Beauty School Dropout, CK Holiday Spirit, Eye Catching

It's a slap happy Saturday and another template to share. You may be wondering how I went from template #1 to template #3. That is a good question for which I don't have a good answer. So, suffice it to say, template #2 will be posted when I get back from vacation in August.

Do you like recipe swaps? Sue (javamama) has started a Recipe Rounds on her blog. It sounds like a fun way to collect some new recipes. I will be checking it out when I get back. In the meanwhile, I want everyone to get busy cooking and creating recipe cards. If you post a recipe card, please link me up. I would love to see it.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I almost stepped on this little fellow when I was watering. Isn't he cute? (the frame is one of the supplies that comes in the FotoFusion software) When I saw this photo, I immediately thought *texture*. Isn't it funny how digital scrappers see texture where ever we go?

Here are some photos I took in Disneyland. While other people are taking pictures of their cute kids and family, I am checking out the wood work as we are meandering through the waiting lines...

Textures are so versatile. They can add depth and interest to your scrapbook layouts. How they are used will depend on what program you are using. I use them in Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro and FotoFusion. Here is a two page layout about textures I made in Paint Shop Pro.

Credits: Torn Memories kit by Lauren Bavin of; leaf is from Cottage Arts

Friday, July 06, 2007

Recipe Card Template #1

Happy Saturday blogging buddies!

Instead of sharing a recipe card with you today, I thought I would share a template instead. I made a template from my Coriander Lemon Scallops recipe card. I have never made templates so it is very basic. I made one for FotoFusion, Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro. I've also included separate png files for those who use other programs. The PSP file *should* work in version 9 and up. (Earlier versions are available upon request.)

The zip file includes all the various files. Just click on the preview to download it. If you have any problems with any of the files please let me know.

Credits for Coriander Lemon Scallops recipe card can be found here.

Happy cooking and scrapping!

Christmas in July...

I have a new little toy for our trip to Colorado this summer. I really did not intend to get another camera. I wanted a bit better zoom for two reasons. First, my family hates their pictures taken and I thought if I had more zoom I could sneak pictures in more often. Second, we are going camping/jeeping in Colorado and I wanted some more zoom for the fabulous scenery we will be seeing. I started out "trying" to be frugal and thought I would go on Ebay and find me the Tele-converter lens for my Canon G-2 camera. It is sort of an older camera and I figured that I could find a great deal. After doing some research I discovered that I needed the lens adapter as well as the converter and it was going to cost around $100. I was just about to place a bid when Randy wandered in to see what I was up to. After some discussion we were curious as to what a new camera with a better zoom would cost. That led us to researching Canon review sites...Ebay...Amazon... I won't bore you with all the nitty gritty of our research but, three hours later I was buying...

Power Shot S3 IS
Digital Camera
6.0 Mega Pixels
12x Optical Zoom

Cost of Camera.....$300.65
Cost of Accessory Kit.....$53.95
Cost of Memory Card.....$32.99
Cost of Precious Memories.....Priceless