Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Maxtor® Personal Storage 3200 External USB 2.0 Hard Drive, 320GB

I had a wonderful weekend moving all my digi files from my "E" drive, my "C" drive, and my CD disks to my new external hard drive. I have over 60 gigabytes of stuff so I still have plenty of room for any new goodies I may acquire. Maybe I'll move some of my older photos over also. One thing I am extremely grateful for is that I was able to relocate all my key words and categories in IMatch, the image managment program I use. Now when I find a goodie I want to use, instead of having to find the right drive or CD that it is on, everything is in the same place. This should make my scrapping time much more effecient. And just to be on the safe side...I purchased a separate identical drive and made a duplicate. I've noticed the drives are on sale. Maybe because Seagate acquired Maxtor they are being discounted. Anyway a mere $99.99 at Circuit City or $119.99 at Office Depot.

It was sort of interesting that my hubby was totally all for me buying the two drives. Sort of makes me wonder...what does he want?????

Summer Fun

Some of you may remember that last summer I participated in the mentor program at Digi Scrap Designer and created a kit called Summer Fun. When my computer crashed I thought I had lost my Mentor files. The other day I was moving all my digi stuff over to my new external hard drive and I found an unlabelled disk. Happy days...all my Mentor files had been burned to the CD. Silly me to not label the CD. I think it is because I read that I shouldn't use a sharpie. I could not find the pen that was safe to write on CD's with so I try to make CD labels. But ya know...sometimes time is short and I probably thought I would make the label later! Anyway...what good is a kit doing on an unlabelled CD??? It definately wants to be shared!! You can download the zip files by clicking on the thumbnails. I shared the flower swirl and the frayed mattes last summer but I am including them here also for anyone who might have missed them.

I had so much fun creating these, I hope you enjoy them. Drop me a line and let me know if you use them. I would love to see your layouts.

**Sorry Link will expire 6/30/09**

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Reality #13

Jenn's challenge for this week:
So I've really been thinking about different challenges we could do - trying to find something that perfectly relates to our everyday life. I have come up with lots of ideas for the weeks to come, but the one that is foremost on my mind this week is procrastinating. I do it without even recognizing it....of course it drives me (and everybody else around me) crazy. LOL...maybe I'm rationalizing here, but I almost don't even consider it procrastinating...i call it eternally optimistic!! I have this unrealistic (some would call it) outlook on how long something will take to get done and then never get to tackling it...because I truly believe that I will just finish it tomorrow!! I mean, there are things that go MONTHs on my to do list. So tell me what's on your list that you keep putting off - saying that tomorrow you will do it. Or maybe something you are dreading. And for added fun, DO IT!! Finish it!! Complete the Task!! Check it off!! Boy does it feel good to get those things done.

Procrastination, what's that?????

Yep...I know all about procrastination! Credits can be found right HERE

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Reality #12

Because it is Fashion Week here at Scrapbookgraphics, my Week 12 challenge for you is to scrap something you wear - whether it be a favorite pair of shoes, your watch, a special ring, or your 2003 Race for the Cure t-shirt (my personal fave!!).....memorialize it!!
Sort of a layout for the Reality challenge as well as a Flylady layout since march was dress to your shoes month! Credits for this layout can be found HERE.

Reality #11

Over the past couple weeks I've heard lots of talk from the various women who inhabit my world, both online and in real life (and even the talk that goes on inside my own head) about guilt or feeling like they aren't doing something well enough. Heck, last weeks' challenge was about what was maybe a bad idea but we did it anyway. Well, I'm wanting to turn it all around now. I want you to scrap about you. What you are proud of. What you do well. What are some hallmarks of your personality that you value. Really, it can go down any path, but at the end of the exercise I would like for you to have something that represents the FABULOUS mom, daughter, sister, wife, and friend that you are TODAY and why you are proud to be you. Hmmm....this should be simple, right? LOL.

Click HERE for credits.

Reality #10

This week I decided to go down a different path....the last nine weeks have been all about the positive side of our everyday lives.....now it's time to get REAL...LOL. So, hopefully you are all like me and have something you do (or don't do) that you know is bad for you (for your kids, etc.)....nothing horrible here.....but something that maybe if you were less lazy, had more free time, etc would do a bit differently. Maybe you coast through a certain stop sign where there are NEVER any other cars or you eat at McDonald's twice in one week or you don't back up your computer files.....and the list goes on. I'm officially calling this challenge the BAD IDEA....But I DO IT Anyway challenge!!

Oooohhhh yes...definately a bad idea! Credits can be found HERE

Reality #9

Alright, the challenge is easy this week.....Show me your backyard!! Whatever you would consider your backyard to be.....ya know opposite your front door!! Don't clean or straighten it...show it in all its splendor.
Credits can be seen here.

Scrapping on a Budget

I know that digi scrapping has become quite the commercial affair but sometimes life gets in the way and we just can't keep buying all the cool stuff we see. I had in mind to start a blog called scrapping on a budget and share freebies that exist around the web. Well two enterprising scrappers have beat me to it. They are doing such a great job I thought I would share their sites with you...

Scrapping With Ikea Goddess
Amy W.'s Scrap-A-Lot

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Three products I love...

Today's blog prompt...
Free Advertising!! Are there three products in your life that you just love (favorite scrapping designer? a cleaning product that does what it claims? or your favorite restaurant?)? Tell us about them! (Add links and maybe we'll decide we can't live without them either )


For many of us the first thing that will come to mind is our computers. I have a Dell. It is a Dimension 8200 and may be getting outdated by todays standards but I love it! It is my tool, it is my friend. I use it for business...to organize addresses and to do lists...to communicate with friends and family...in my digital scrapbooking hobby...to find recipes...to research products I am interested in...to get maps to places I am going...to pay my bills...to track investments...

I know I need to look into getting a new computer. But I feel like if it ain't broke don't change it. Yesterday I bought two 300 gb external hard drives. One to hold all my digital scrapbooking supplies, ezines, tutorials, articles etc. and get them off my hard drive. The second external drive????? Back up of the first one!!!!!


Today's Light Bible
This is the bible I have been using for my daily Bible Reading.
Although I do get behind and then try to read multiple days readings in one evening (hopefully I am NOT the only person who does that!) This bible is nicely laid out, the print is a readable size and the verses are broken out by the recommended daily schedule.


I love my morning cup of coffee but I am not a coffee snob. Some of the latest finds at my house are:

Folger's "The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup!"

Trader Joe's French Roast Cuz I liked the pretty can.

MJB Coffee It was on sale and MJB are my mother's initials

Starbucks Not often but if I am desparate...

Gevalia Coffeemaker The coffee maker was free!


Today's blog prompt...
Spring always means change or growth. Any changes or growth going on in your life?

This spring has brought a big change in our life. My husband has retired after 31 years at the fire department.

Congratulations Randy! I've enjoyed the 31 year ride with you from Rookie to Captain. I am excited and looking forward to this new chapter of our lives.

March 22, 1976


March 31, 2007