Thursday, April 12, 2007

Reality #13

Jenn's challenge for this week:
So I've really been thinking about different challenges we could do - trying to find something that perfectly relates to our everyday life. I have come up with lots of ideas for the weeks to come, but the one that is foremost on my mind this week is procrastinating. I do it without even recognizing it....of course it drives me (and everybody else around me) crazy. LOL...maybe I'm rationalizing here, but I almost don't even consider it procrastinating...i call it eternally optimistic!! I have this unrealistic (some would call it) outlook on how long something will take to get done and then never get to tackling it...because I truly believe that I will just finish it tomorrow!! I mean, there are things that go MONTHs on my to do list. So tell me what's on your list that you keep putting off - saying that tomorrow you will do it. Or maybe something you are dreading. And for added fun, DO IT!! Finish it!! Complete the Task!! Check it off!! Boy does it feel good to get those things done.

Procrastination, what's that?????

Yep...I know all about procrastination! Credits can be found right HERE


karen said...

Love that folded back paper Canay. It looks really good.
I like to think of procrastination more as a productivity tool. That way I can make more of a virtue of it.

Nancy Comelab said...

Yep... I sure know all about procrastination! :)
Thanks for visiting my blog! I am sorry to hear you did not get my April Grab Bag! Here's the link for you:
I must say, this time the grab does not contain any clusters. Reason for that is that I am still on Holiday and I did not have the necessary files with
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I hope you enjoy your little gift anyway!
Nancy Comelab