Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Reality #8

Our challenge for week 8 is to do a layout about the things we could never give up. Of course there are many things I wouldn't want to give up like my husband, my kids, my computer... I chose to do a layout about the one thing that I can't go a day without...COFFEE! I don't know how to get the gif file to show up in blogger so CLICK on the layout to see the full effect. Credits for my coffee layout can be found here.


Heather said...

Ok, that is just fun!

The best way to get a gif to show up in blogger is to upload it to photobucket or Fotki and then copy the URL and insert it into your HTML code. the code would be -Ok, it won't show up like that - Hopefully that will show up as a code, and not as a blank picture. LOL If not, let me reverse the brackets >IMG SRC="theURL"< Just turn your brackets around.

mom2triplets04 said...

OMG I just went to see the credits for your layout and was in awe at what I saw! How in the world did you get the words to move on the layout? It doesn't do it on the blog? This is way cool.