Saturday, June 30, 2007


My new passion has been in creating 4x6 recipe cards of my family recipes. For Christmas last year, I printed two sets from York Photo and put them in cute recipe books for my kids. I really liked how they turned out so I bought a recipe book for myself and re-printed all my cards as well as cards I have also received from various recipe exchanges. Here is my latest card. Shrimp Scampi. The recipe came from a little cookbook called Glorious Garlic by Charlene A. Braida. Of course I made some modifications, so I made the card so I would remember what I did! Being tired I used a bag of Trader Joe's frozen uncooked shrimp and simply served it on top of Trader Joe's Spinach Salad with Cranberries, Pecans. Blue Cheese & Raspberry Vinaigrette. (A strange combination but it was quite tasty.) If you like recipe's you can click on the thumbnail to download a full resolution card for printing.

Papers and tabs made in FotoFusion; Staple my own; Folded stitched ribbon from Altered Twill and Lace by Sylvie of Sausan Designs from Scrapbookgraphics; Stitching from Michelle Shefveland's Mission Possible kit from March 2007 Scrappers Guide.

This is the pocket page recipe book I got for my son. It is really cute and is decorated with little metal utensil set. I took out the cards that came with the book and inserted the cards that I made and printed. I gave my son the cards so he can write new recipes on them and add them to the book.

This is the one I got for my daughter. I found these at a Hallmark store at the mall. I printed so many recipes, I needed additional inserts. I found them available at C. R. Gibson online. So when purchasing the inserts for them I found a cute recipe book for me too:)

This is the one I got for me. These wonderful pocket page recipe books can be found at C. R. Gibson. I like them because they are smaller than a binder (they are 8x9) and hold a lot of 4x6 recipes.

Happy cooking and scrapping!



Sally said...

Your pages are lovely Canay! As far as omitting the 'frames' around photos--it's been a while since I've done it. I scrolled through the HTML code until I found the line of code that addresses that and deleted it. Since I've deleted it, I don't know what it is! =) Sort of fish around under "posts" and see if you can tell which it is. I just keep previewing and undoing until I get it to do what I want. Your blog is going in my favorites! Have a great weekend!

Garynka said...

Hi Canay,
I found your blog through the blog train at DST.
The shrimps look so delicious, have to try this recipe. Thanks for sharing.

Tanya said...

got your blog from DST as well. and love the recipe book. Great recipes!

Monique said...

OMGosh! I just love your idea! I've been scrapping the odd recipe here and there using various sizes for different challenges, not know how I really wanted my book to look... but know i know! this is great, thank you so much for blogging about it!