Thursday, August 30, 2007

Grand Junction Colorado

We had a fabulous time on our three week trip to Colorado. Basically we had a week of driving time, a week in Grand Junction and a week in Salida. The first week in Colorado was in Grand Junction for the United four Wheel Drive Association 2007 Convention.

This is the "Beast" that took us on our journey. It is a Renegade Motor Home on a Peterbilt Chassis. Behind it we pulled our 79 CJ7 Jeep.
Utah Canyonlands taken at a rest stop on our way to Colorado.

The first jeep run we went on was called The 21 Road Run in Hunter Canyon. The rock formations on the trail were absolutely fabulous.

Here we are lined up on the Montrose run in Calamity Canyon.

This was a mild albeit muddy run on the Grand Mesa/Long Slough. It is a 10,500 foot mesa with a beautiful view. The run is a beautiful trail full of mud holes and beautiful wild flowers.

Here is the jeep after going through the worse mud hole. Fortunately we were able to find a car wash in town!

This is the view at the top of the mesa. This gave me a great chance to practice the photo stitch feature of my new camera. After reaching the top we came down a different road than we went up. It was full of swithc backs and the view on each turn was quite impressive.

On the Battlement Mesa run we certainly did not expect to run into these beautiful friendly horses. This is our last day in Grand Junction. Tomorrow we head for Salida, Colorado for the All-4-Fun week of jeeping.


sunflowers said...

looks like a lot of fun :O).

great photos tfs.


eklay said...

wow and more wow. What a great trip! I love your photos and the little "leather" ties you used to post them on your blog. Jeeps are meant to get muddy and I hear that they get "cranky" if you keep them tooooo clean ;-)