Wednesday, October 03, 2007

It was 1970 something....

Last March (2007) I was walking along in San Antonio, Texas and snapped a picture of 1977 etched in the stone walkway. I was married in 1977 and this December will be my 30th anniversary. How cool is that?? My mind is already thinking of how I can use this photo in my digital scrapping.

Yesterday I made a bookmark for Week One: Celebrating Your Uniqueness at Scrapbookgraphics. I used a background paper by ON Designs and brushes that Michelle Godin shared for the week one quirky challenge. There is my photo blended into the upper corner and I listed popular movies from 1977. Some other popular movies from 1977 are:
      • Rocky
      • Smokey and the Bandit
      • A Star is Born
      • King Kong
      • The Deep
      • Silver Streak
      • The Enforcer
      • Colse Encounters of the Third Kind
      • In Search of Noah's Ark

Here are some other popular things from 1977.

Popular Songs

1."You Don't Have to Be a Star" ... Marilyn McCoo
and Billy Davis Jr.
2."You Make Me Feel Like Dancing" ... Leo Sayer
3."I Wish" ... Stevie Wonder
4."Car Wash" ... Rose Royce
5."Torn Between Two Lovers" ... Mary MacGregor
6."Blinded By the Light" ... Manfred Mann's Earth Band
7."New Kid in Town" ... Eagles
8."Love Theme from 'A Star is Born'" ... Barbra Streisand
9."Rich Girl" ... Daryl Hall and John Oates
10."Dancing Queen" ... ABBA

Most Popular Television Shows

1. Laverne & Shirley (ABC)
2. Happy Days (ABC)
3. Three's Company (ABC)
4. 60 Minutes (CBS)
5. Charlie's Angels (ABC)
6. All in the Family (CBS)
7. Little House on the Prairie (NBC)
8. Alice (CBS)
9. M*A*S*H (CBS)
10. One Day at a Time (CBS)

Most Popular Books

1. "The Silmarillion" by J.R.R. Tolkien
2. "The Thorn Birds" by Colleen McCullough
3. "Illusions" by Richard Bach
4. "The Honourable Schoolboy" by John Le Carre
5. "Oliver's Story" by Erich Segal

1. "Roots" by Alex Haley
2. "Looking Out for #1" by Robert Ringer
3. "All Things Wise and Wonderful" by James Herriot
4. "Your Erroneous Zones" by Dr. Wayne Dyer
5. "The Book of Lists" by David Wallechinsky

Academy Awards

Best Picture: "Annie Hall"
Best Director: Woody Allen ... "Annie Hall""
Best Actor: Richard Dreyfuss ... "The Goodbye Girl"
Best Actress:Diane Keaton ... "Annie Hall"

Grammy Awards

Record of the Year: "Hotel California" ... The Eagles
Best Song: "You Light Up My Life" ... Joe Brooks
Best Album: "Rumours" ... Fleetwood Mac
Male Vocalist: James Taylor ... "Handy Man
Female Vocalist: Barbra Streisand ... "Love theme from 'A Star Is Born' (Evergreen)"

It has been so much fun walking down memory lane today. If you are in the mood to walk down memory lane too check out History


20Birds said...

wow what a trip down memory lane, i had jsut graduated high school and i remember all those things in your list... i love the bookmark...

Donna B. Miller said...

What fun! What does it say about our generation that Laverne and Shirley was the most popular TV show? LOL