Friday, July 18, 2008

Next week, on July 26th, I am very excited to be going to....

DSP at a Laptop Crop at Adobe Headquarters in San Jose, CA!

I've never been to a laptop crop. I have inherited Lacey's Dell laptop and have spent all week getting it configured and set up so I can take it to a crop. I've installed...
  1. Photoshop
  2. Adobe preset folder (brushes, actions, etc.)
  3. Plugin folder (I haven't used these in a while but ya never know!)
  4. All my fonts!!!!!
  5. Main Type (my font managment program)
  6. IMatch (the program I use to manage my digi scrap supplies)
  7. I made sure my EHD could plug into the laptop and there will be outlets at the crop
  8. I also made sure that IMatch on the laptop could read my EHD. This entailed telling Microsoft that the EHD is actually a different drive than Microsoft thinks it is
  9. The drivers for my Wacom Tablet (I hope I have time to finish my tablet class before next Friday!)
I think I am set to go. know what I have forgotten?? My pictures! Silly me, what would a crop be without PICTURES!!!!! Need to take care of that tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm hoping to get some scrapping done. Although some have said that they are so busy running around, having fun, meeting fellow scrappers and eating chocolate...that they don't get much scrapping done!!!!!

One of the fun activities is to swap ATCs (Artist Trading Cards). These are cards you create that say something about yourself. This is the ATC card I made to take to the crop.

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