Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Camera Evolution Continues...

Remember this layout all about my camera evolution? The saga continues...

Lacey's camera broke so I gave her my SD500 which was just like hers. I thought I would be happy with just the S3IS 12x optical zoom camera. Well, what I discovered is that I really missed a small little camera in my purse at all times. I was missing so many shots because I was out somewhere and didn't have a camera with me. So I did some research and decided on the brand new Canon Posershot SD990 IS.

Duh duh, duh da...

I've read Pros and Cons on the reviews. My reason for choosing this camera instead of one of the less expensive models are:
  • the high pixels allow me to crop in on a shot and get a pretty decent closeup
  • its larger sensor lends a hand to low light shooting and captures some beautiful images
  • the red eye issue is much improved over the 550
  • it has full manual control (not that I use that, but it is possible!)
  • it has automatic face recognition
  • it fits nicely in my purse or pocket
I really love this camera. It really does do a pretty good job in low light conditions which I seem to be in frequently. I have to say that I do feel guilty about the Rebel that sits on my shelf. I even purchased a DVD on how to use the Rebel. It is still in the wrapper sitting on the shelf. It's not going anywhere and one day...soon...maybe after LOM...I will give it a go. Until then, I am tickled pink with my little point and shoot that is in my purse ready to use in a moments notice.

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