Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Must have utility...

In addition to your graphic or scrapping program, what is your must have utility. Mine would be Unziplify.

From their site: "Unziplify provides an easy one-click method of extracting an entire folder full of ZIP, RAR, and ACE files. Simply right-click on a folder or drive in Windows Explorer and select 'unziplify'. Every archive found in that folder will be extracted at once. It's the most painless way to extract archives yet!"

I have to say that they are right. I use unziplify everyday. I put all my downloads in one folder. Then I right click on the folder and chose "Unziplify" and voilĂ  everything is unzipped. Unziplify has options so you can set the default configuration to your liking. I have each zip file unzip to its own file. This does cause a file within a file situation sometimes but I just manually fix those. You can also chose to unzip to a single subfolder or to the archive folder if you want.

The BEST part of waking up is Folger's in your cup! carried away there...The BEST part of Unziplify is that it is free! Yep, you read that right. I have been using this little program for a few years and have had no problems with the download or the program. So if you are finding that unzipping your downloads is a pain, I definitely recommend Unziplify!


Scrapmuch said...

hmm - I'll have to check out Unziplifly. I'd been using "Unzip them all" but it's not working quite right! thanks for the tip!

Flergs said...

mmmm me too. Sounds like what I need (or just stop downloading stuff? NAH).

Loving the recipe templates.

sonshine said...

Question - have been using Unziplify and the rar files do open-- but I have an internet symbol that does not open the actual file - if you double click on it, it runs through something that looks like it will, but it doesn't actually open it--I am using Vista. Hope this makes sense. Thanks for any input you can give.

Canay said...


I don't have your email address so I will leave a comment and hope you check back. I'm sorry I don't know anything about Vista. But if you contact Jay at Tabdown Enterprises I'm sure he will help you.

the email addy is

Good luck!