Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Reality #27

Between summer and family events I have gotten behind in the Reality challenge over at ScrapBook Graphics. It is my intention to catch up on the ones I am missing so they will probably be appearing on my blog in random order.

Jenn's challenge for #27 was:
So my challenge to you this week is to document a layout with some type of "stream of consciousness" included. It could be a series of pictures or some journaling....nothing too earth-shattering, just something that you are going through (or in my case, something my son is going through). It could even be a series of elements or papers....

Credits can be found here.

The nature of the layout came because I've been trying to put together a memory board for my dad's memorial service. I am so bummed that I don't even have a picture of our last Christmas together. This led to a stream of negative thoughts about why it is other peoples fault that I often don't have pictures. Doing the layout was therapeutic for my bad attitude!

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Melanie Wilson said...

What a fabulous idea. You should submit this LO for publication.