Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The first thing I made that I considered art...

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Growing up I was never an artist. I can't draw and I do not have an eye for color. Now my mom was a rubber stamper and created beautiful cards. Unfortunately, I did NOT inherit her talent! Back in 2003, I discovered digital scrapbooking and a program called Paint Shop Pro. I was reading the October 2003, Illuminating Visions, Rubber Stamping article by Karen Day; titled "Retiform: Creating "Boxed" Cards. I was looking at this article and I thought "Gee, I think I could do that in Paint Shop Pro." Of course the rest is history and I made the card. I even printed them out and gave them to my SIL as a Christmas gift. At the time I did not really consider this *art*. To me it was just understanding and learning how to use my program. I still do not consider my self an artist. I mean...I still don't have an eye for color...I use color schemer to determine complimentary colors. I still can't draw...aren't vectors great! But my friends and family are trying to convince me that there is *art* to digital scrapping. If that is so, then this card would be the first thing I made that could be considered art! I did not create the items used in the card, but I put various items together to make the card.


Dictionary words - The Century Dictionary online

Sun and flower elements by Shelleyrae and downloaded from the SBB site (recolored)

Flowered background under the Thank You is from Maya's Digital Illusion CD, Retro Floral Background in the funshine folder (recolored)

Fonts: Murphy Script, Artistik, Comic Sans, Gigi, Batang, SBB Kristie, Albertus Medium, Papyrus, Croobie, Coronet, Curlz MT, and Forte

Program used was PSP7

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glynis said...

I totally understand...I have never considered myself an 'artist'. I don't see the world the way an artist does, but I love scrapping and digital has brought out whatever artist is inside me!