Saturday, February 10, 2007

Reality #5

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Here is our reality challenge for week 5: I decided to interview my husband about his thoughts on retirmement.

Reality Scraps - Week Five

With Valentine's Day coming up, I thought an interview with a loved one would be a great way to not only scrap about the everyday life with our friend, parent, child or husband...but it might make a nice gift to give next week on the 14th. You can pick whatever topic you want to discuss, but try to make it about what they think or like to do AT THIS MOMENT. You can even interview yourself...LOL

Mine is almost ready and I should have it up soon. What I did was to interview my oldest son regarding the weekend he had just spent with his grandparent's (my mom and dad)!! I'm printing it out and adding some pictures the boys drew and we are sending it to Nana & Bestefar as a Valentine Day card/present.

Have fun with this.....i'm a big fan of "interviewing" subjects. I only wish I had done it more with my grandparent's before they passed away as I would love to "hear" what they had to say now.

As always, I will have a fun posting bonus, including another weekly planner template available for anybody that plays along and posts a link to their layout here in this thread. The Week Four Posting Bonus will be sent out via PM tomorrow.

I just want to thank all who are participating. It is so much fun to see your layouts week after week!!

Information about the reality challenges can be found at Scrapbookgraphics.

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