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I am sooooo loving the reality challenge over at Scrapbook Graphics. If you want to know what it is all about, check it out here:
As of today I am totally caught up!!

Realty #1 - I know it is the time that everybody makes goals/resolutions for the new year and I just couldn't do it this year and have something else to "fail"!! LOL. So I decided to make what I called an anti-goal!! I know it isn't really a word, but to me it was more the idea of not making a goal and not having something that would be hard for me to achieve. Instead, it is something that I'm just going to recognize and understand and sort of "take time off" for the next year!! Almost like I'm just giving myself permission to not achieve it!! OK, clear as mud, huh? I guess my idea is to scrap something that you are going to give yourself a break on - whether it is a piece of cheesecake every now and then, a splurge on some books or CDs from, a night of take-out each week or skipping the gym on Fridays to watch those Melrose Place repeats....Whatever!!
Okie is my Anti-goal for 2007...

Let It go

Let It Go
Credit can be found here Let It Go.

Reality #2 - Here is what I want you to scrap for week two of our Reality Scraps challenge....I'm sure there is something you have that you see when you are washing the dishes, ironing the clothes, playing on the computer, watching TV, reading before bed or driving around town. It's not something that is necessarily expensive or big or has a long "history". It's something that makes you smile....maybe it is something you've had awhile and don't necessarily think about....BUT if it was missing you would know. It can be as simple as a special Bath & Body Works hand cream by the computer, a china statue on the windowsill by your kitchen sink or a little doodad on your keyring. Something that is in your EVERYDAY space. Scrap this however you want. This is Your page and Your reality so do what makes you happy!!!

Here is what I see every day:

My Kitchen Window

Credits can be found here.

Reality #3 - Alright, this is an easy one. Scrap your refrigerator!! Seriously, the fridge is part of our everyday. Is the inside of your fridge clean as a whistle? Is the outside door getting out of control with a thousand pictures and magnets and kiddie artwork? Do you tend to have a fridge that is so full you cannot find a single thing (this is totally my MIL)? Have you ever broken the fridge (my friend who has 3 boys, broke the door off once!!)? Lots and lots of topics about the fridge and its' role in your daily life!!

I actually had the *perfect* story to tell about my Fridge. Check this out:

What's Outside Your Fridge?
Click here for credits.

Reality #4 - This week i want you to scrap a moment - good, bad or just plain nothing!! Something from this coming week (or you can go back a couple weeks)...but I want it to be something from your everyday. You don't have to use a picture -journaling is ok. It might be something that you initially think isn't scrap-worthy (love that made-up word!!). Could be DH having a cup of coffee and reading the paper, kids studying, dog sleeping in the backyard or the sun coming in your front window in the morning.....

Drum roll please.....

Go Away!
Credits for this layout can be found Here!

Whew... I am all caught up and if I keep current I will have 52 layouts at the end of the year all about REALITY. Well it may just be my reality.... but I think my family will have a better glimps of me when all is said and done (and scrapped!).

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