Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Reality #6

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Our reality challenge for week six is about our car. Here is a little *car* incident that happened last November. Just slowing down to park and *wham*. Months later....I am still wary in parking lots. It seems if I am backing out, no one stops for me...but when I am driving along, people just want to back right into me. This is one of those life just is not fair things. It doesn't matter if I am the one backing up or the one driving...the other person thinks they have the right of way!!!!!

Reality Scraps - Week Six
OK...this will be short as I have a badly sprained ankle and can't sit at the computer long or my ankle starts throbbing...ugh....i'm such a klutz.

Thanks to my Studio Crew Colleague, Kait, our next challenge is to scrap your car (or whatever your mode of transportion is!!). It can be as easy as just your current car or some aspect of your car - how horribly dirty it is...maybe like your fridge..LOL, or why you love/hate the color, or a nice big scratch or dent that you just live with, or what you carry in your trunk in case of emergency (my mom's is absolutely filled with just about everything you could ever need if you broke down anywhere in the US!!).

Can't wait to see what you bring to this week's challenge and thank you Kait for the idea!!

As always I have a little posting bonus for those that play along....preview to follow...

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Karen said...

Oh that's bad news Canay. I hate parking lots for the same reason. When I moved house a few years ago I drove to one of the local railway stations to park my car and in the space of a week I got hit twice!